Athlete Performances

When entering competitions, many seed the heats and to do this they need an athletes performance data.

Entry4Sports can read data from PowerOf10 ( UK only ) and display this against an athlete as a guide, but it is down to the athlete to enter their Expected Performance for an event. To do this, you can manage your performance data from the Athlete Profile form.

Performance Data.

All events the athlete has entered will be displayed here along with an Expected performance. To modify this for all open and as yet unseeded events, click the Edit button.

If the data is available, it will show your Personal best and Seasons best for the event which by clicking the “Use ” button will update the performance value, but you can enter a different value if you so wish.

There is a new option for tracking your seasons best. This means that if you want to be seeded on your seasons best, our system can track this and ensure that this value is used for all future events. The only issue is that due to Pof10 restrictions, this can not be done automatically at the current time, but every time you select the athlete in the entry form, or show the athletes profile, the system will check and update any tracked expected performances with the latest seasons best.