Adding a team

Instructions on how to add a team

Find the competition on the home page and “Enter”.

Select the “Teams” tab.

On a mobile device…

On a tablet/PC…

Some teams may not be available to you due to security restrictions.

Some competition may allow “Self Service”, allowing you to automatically assign yourself as the representative of a Club or County (depending on how the organiser has set the competition up). If Self Service is NOT available use the Contact Organiser button to ask for access as a representative.

If you need to “Self Service” press the appropriate link, enter a search term and select a result. You will then have access to respective secured teams.

If you are the representative of multiple clubs/counties, when entering a team you will need to select which club/county you are entering on behalf of.

Use the add team button to add a team.

Enter team details.

A. Enter a team name

B. If a team requires named athletes, use this link to see why an athlete name can not be found. A result will be returned, e.g. the athlete does not fit the team age group.

C. Start typing an athlete’s name or URN, a lookup will be done and select desired athlete. Enter the number of athletes as specified by the organiser.

D. If organiser has configured, you may have the ability to list optional addition athletes.

E. Cancel and go back.

F. Submit team.

Once you have submitted your team, it will be visible in the section (and added to your cart).

Once a team has been saved, you will still have the ability to Edit the team up until competition entry close date is reached.