Create Manual Results

To enter results manually, please use the following syntax to get to your results page.<COMP NUMBER>/results

So if your competition is number 61 you would go to
You will need to be logged on and have the correct authority to create results. If you don’t have this, contact E4S on for further details.

If your authority is good, you should see something like the following:

Your schedule should be displayed in time order with the dates ( multi day competition only ) across the top. Against each event, you should see a pen icon ( edit ). If you don’t see this, then you do not have the correct authority.
We will now show both a track, a distance and a height result form for entry.

  • Track

The competition and event information are displayed along with a number of options on how you will/want to enter your results.

The Event Type will show time. This means the results will ask you for a lane number
Wind : This is set to Event for track as the wind reading is for the whole heat and not for each athlete.
Bib lookup : Defaults to on so when you enter a bib number the system will attempt to find your athlete for you.

You are then presented with fields for the heat.
Heat Number: generally you will not need to edit this field, but if you want to re-arrange your heats, you can.
Wind: Enter here a wind reading for the heat
Actual time : If you want to record the actual time of the heat, you can do that via these fields
Heat Description. The default is to show heat 1, heat 2 e.t.c but you can ‘Name’ a heat e.g ‘B Final’, ‘A Final’.

By default, the system will create 8 rows for results, but you can add more by using the Add Row button. There is the a tab order option which may help with your results entry.

For each result, you can delete the row by clicking the bin icon, change the position ( may have equal 1st for example ), enter the bib number ( may perform a lookup for the athlete ) and the result for that athlete followed by a lane number.
If the event is for the same gender, you can click the M/F column header to set all rows to the same value. If the event is an open / mix gender race, you may enter the gender on each individual row.

Once you have completed the results for the heat, click save and those results are now saved and visible to the public.

  • Distance ( No Wind )
    This is similar to track above but as its a distance event, no lane number is required.
  • Distance ( With Wind )
    For events such as long jump and triple jump, a wind reading is required but against each athlete rather than the event.
    Therefore, the type is distance and wind is set to athlete.
    This then displays a wind field against each row. Apart from this, the results entry is the same as all others.
  • Height
    Height results are entered as the others with a type of Height and no Wind setting.